Brian Brooks April 28, 2020

Bring Your Plumbing Into the 21st Century with Phyn Plus Smart Monitoring

Smart devices are the cornerstone of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT concept is that virtually all aspects of infrastructure can be made more efficient by connecting them to the internet and using artificial intelligence to automate tasks that otherwise would rely on human intervention.

Plumbing is one of the more recent parts of the (usually) invisible infrastructure that makes civilization possible. A hidden leak can cause massive damage if it goes undetected for a long period of time, potentially causing wood rot and attracting insects such as termites.

Real-Time Notifications of Leaks Is a Game-Changer

Phyn Plus uses your Wi-Fi network to upload information about your plumbing system to the cloud. It senses microscopic changes in the water pressure 240 times per second for extremely accurate control. It then uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze the data and detect any leaks, including

  • Toilet flapper valve leaks
  • Pinhole and drip leaks
  • Water supply line leaks

It will then send a push notification to your designated smart devices to alert you of any problems. You can set up your smartphone to give you notifications of when faucets and valves are turned on and off and when the algorithm detects that your water usage has changed. Another unique feature is the ability to detect frozen pipes.

Water Damage to Homes and Businesses Is a Big Deal

Statistics indicate that homes are ten times more likely to receive water damage than fire damage. Phyn Plus is so good – and so fast – at detecting even a tiny leak that some insurance companies are offering premium deductions for houses with an active smart plumbing monitoring system. With the average cost of fixing leak damage nearly $10,000, it just makes sense for them to encourage homeowners to adapt this technology.

In a typical year, the average home loses around 10,000 gallons to water leaks. To put that in perspective, a load of laundry uses, on average, about 32 gallons, so it’s not a small amount. Virtually all homes will see a benefit from installing a Phyn Plus smart monitoring system, with average savings about 10% over the course of a year.