Brian Brooks April 19, 2021

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Though you may assume your dishwasher is essentially self-cleaning – it is washing the dishes you eat off of after all – but in reality, your dishwasher must be cleaned and maintained routinely.  And, if you are like most homeowners and have smelled a strange smell coming from your dishwasher or your dishes just aren’t looking quite as clean anymore, you are probably overdue for some dishwasher maintenance.

One of the most important features of your dishwasher is the seal, or gasket, between the door and the dishwasher body.  Dishwasher seals get dirty and worn out over time and that could lead to odors or, even worse, leaks.  Using a clean cloth and a mixture of water and vinegar, gently remove any buildup that has accumulated on the seal.

Next, inspect the spinning arms in your dishwasher.  The spinning arms are what distribute water throughout the dishwasher to get your dishes clean.  So, if there is buildup on the spinning arms, your dishes may not be getting thoroughly cleaned and your dishwasher won’t be able to run as efficiently as it would otherwise be able to. Finally, be sure to clean out your dishwasher’s filter.  Food can often become trapped in it which leads to odors and reduced cleaning ability.  These are simply routine dishwasher maintenance tips but if you are uncertain about your ability to perform them, or you think your dishwasher may need repair, it is best to hire an experienced plumber to get your dishwasher back to top running condition.