Brian Brooks January 6, 2021

Do You Need Residential Air Balancing & Home Zoning?

Have you ever noticed certain rooms in your home are always hotter or colder than the other rooms in your home? Or, would you like better control over the temperature in certain areas or rooms of your home? These are common problems for homeowners and many do not realize there is a simple solution that could end the frustration, save energy, and make you more comfortable in your home – air balancing and home zoning.

How Residential Air Balancing Works

The majority of residential and commercial HVAC systems use air ducts and vents to move air and deliver it to each room it is supposed to. But, some rooms are bigger than others and that is why the system needs to be able to properly control how much air is sent to each room using dampers that open and close.

How Home Zoning Works

With a zoning system, you use multiple thermostats that connect to one control panel. This communicates with the dampers so that you can have specific temperature zones for different areas or rooms in your home. This gives you far more control over temperature and air distribution in your home than you would otherwise have, which ultimately saves you on energy costs because if you have rooms that are not in use, you can simply adjust the settings to turn down or off the amount of air that reaches those rooms. If you want to transform the comfort of your home while improving energy efficiency and extending the life of your HVAC system, consider hiring an experienced HVAC company to balance your home’s air and install a home zoning system.