Properly Securing a Toilet Is Crucial in a Second Story Home Plumbing
Brian Brooks September 12, 2022

Properly Securing a Toilet Is Crucial in a Second Story Home

Homeowners need to take every reasonable precaution to prevent plumbing issues that can lead to major damage. Improper toilet installation is one of the most common causes of preventable damage. Taking steps to avoid this type of problem is especially important if it would foreseeably cause damage to a residence below yours and make you incur costly liability.

What Happens After Improper Installation?

If a toilet is not correctly tied into a drain line, every flush will cause it to leak waste water. Toilet installation that does not create a secure seal to the floor can also cause leaks. Also, a wobbly toilet can degrade the wax ring that should be forming a seal and end up making a slow leak.

What Are the Consequences of Second Story Toilet Leaks?

If you do not see evidence of a leak on your bathroom floor, the water may be running directly into the ceiling of the unit below yours. Either gradually or suddenly, enough water will saturate the drywall to make it buckle and fall. In fact, extensive structural damage from a slow leak could cause a toilet to fall through the floor.

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