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After speaking with a technician, you learn you need a new water heater. Our professional plumbers can help install your new hot water heater.

Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

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Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

After speaking with a technician, you learn you need a new water heater. Newer technology means you can enjoy a more efficient water heater replacement for your Gilbert, AZ home, but that also means you may have more options than you can handle. To narrow your options and purchase the right appliance, keep these factors in mind while shopping for a new replacement.

Water Heater Types

You can choose between standard tank and tankless water heaters. If you want to save money on operation, consider a tankless water heater. These water heaters cost more upfront, but they pay for themselves over time through reduced energy costs. Tankless water heaters also last longer than their traditional counterparts. If you must operate several hot water fixtures all at once, you could be better off with a tank water heater.

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What Affects Installation Costs?

Residential Plumbing

What Affects Installation Costs?

Switching from a tank water heater to a tankless one involves rearranging your pipes. Ask the plumbing company how much work the switch involves and how much it costs.

Size of Hot Water Heater

The size of your house, the number of people in your household and your overall water usage all determine what size water heater to get. If you have a smaller house and don’t run multiple hot water fixtures simultaneously, you could fare well with a tankless water heater. A larger home with several people who use hot water at the same time could benefit from a standard tank water heater. The more hot water you need, the bigger the water heater you’ll need.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Think about how long it takes to remove your old heater and install your new one. During that time, you and your household won’t have access to hot water in your own home. Tank size determines how long it takes to get everything set up. Tank type also affects installation time. Going from a tank heater to a tankless heater usually takes longer.

The person installing the water heater also affects installation time. If you want to handle this task yourself, it could take several hours or several days. It depends on your plumbing proficiency. You’re better off letting experienced plumbing professionals tackle installation. Their experience, resources and tools allow them to get your new water heater operational ASAP. Also, letting a professional handle everything better ensures your water heater is installed the right way the first time.

Disposing of the Old Water Heater

After installing your new heater, what do you want to do with the old one? A plumbing company could help you with disposal if you hire one to install your new heater. If so, ask how much it costs to get rid of your old heater. Don’t be afraid to ask about a disposal discount, especially if you buy your replacement heater directly from the plumbing company.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s water heaters are more energy efficient than older models. If you want to enjoy leading efficiency, you can’t beat a tankless water heater. Other than cost savings, another significant thing about efficient water heaters is they’re better for the environment.

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