Avoid These Scams

Don’t get fooled by these common scams in the plumbing and air conditioning industries.

Don’t get fooled by these common scams in the plumbing and air conditioning industries.

1. Very cheap drain cleaning (rooter)

It is a very common practice for companies to offer a $100 or less drain cleaning service with free camera inspection. This is simply a way for companies to get in the door and “save the day” only to find “major issues”. We’ve caught companies trying to charge as $20,000+ for fake repairs that were completely unnecessary.

2. Low cost water heaters

Another common practice are $500-700 water heaters. This is also used to fool the average consumer. The plumber will give you a quote over the phone and show up with the new heater. Shortly after arriving they will find a laundry list of additional repairs to complete the job making the cost upwards of $1200-1500 minimum. Here at Second Opinion our installs are 100% inclusive. Our price includes install, disposal, T&P relief line, venting, valve and flex lines as well as an emergency catch pan. Absolutely zero hidden fees at a much lower overall cost, the way it should be.

3. Below average cost AC inspections $39.00-69.00. 

Most companies that offer these low price inspections will also find required repairs but over charge for these simple repairs like capacitors or fan motors. We believe to charge a little bit more for the inspection ($89.00) and to take our time and do it properly ensuring you know exactly how your unit is performing with an easy to understand form with all readings. This also allows us to charge much less for any necessary repairs.

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