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Electric Water Heaters in Gilbert, AZ

Choosing a water heater and knowing how to properly care for it are essential. Different types of water heaters — electric vs. gas, tank vs. tankless — have unique characteristics, maintenance requirements, and advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Water Heaters in Gilbert, Arizona

Whether you are considering purchasing an electric water heater or already own one, Second Opinion Plumbing can assist with all your installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

Your Electric Water Heater Is Essential

Your water heater likely supplies all your hot water for bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry, and possibly more. A water heater breakdown can be a major hassle for your family. It is essential to know whom to call, and to have a responsible technician at the ready to address any problems that arise. Second Opinion Plumbing has a wealth of experience and can address all relevant needs for Gilbert electric water heaters.

Understanding Water Heater Type

There are a number of different water heater types to choose from. While electric water heaters are increasingly common, gas water heaters remain quite popular. There are also traditional water heaters with tanks, as well as tankless water heaters, which are often more efficient and may last longer. Here are some details to consider about each type:

  • Water heaters with tanks are a conventional type of water heater, and can be quite effective. They do have a limited capacity, which means that you can run out of hot water in your home.
  • Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters, because they heat water to be used immediately. In addition to generally being more efficient, they are much smaller, offering more possibility of location within your home.
  • Gas water heaters use propane or natural gas to heat water, and may be more expensive than an exclusively electrical water heater (though this may depend somewhat on location).

There are also a few alternative types of water heaters, including heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters. Whether you have an electric water heater or another type of water heater, Second Opinion Plumbing is capable of meeting all your needs.

Choosing An Electric Water Heater

If you are choosing from Gilbert electric water heaters (or are considering other types of water heaters), the professionals at Second Opinion Plumbing can offer a wealth of insight to help you make your choice. We can suggest best types of water heaters, the top brands to consider, and help consult with you on questions around tank size and placement.

A water heater is a significant investment for your home, and it is important that the choice is made carefully, and ideally with consultation from professionals who know the industry. Second Opinion Plumbing can continue to work with you through the lifespan of your water heater to get the most out of it and ensure it continues to run as smoothly and efficiently as it should.

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Whether you need help with Gilbert electric water heaters or other plumbing issues, Second Opinion Plumbing can assist with all your home or business plumbing requirements. Visit us online or contact us at 480-365-9555 to get the help you need.


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