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When you want an energy-efficient, space-saving, cost-effective way to stay cool, misting fans are the answer.

Mister Fans

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Mister Fans

Expertly Installed Residential & Commercial Misting Fans

Many people do not realize that misting fans can be used both outdoors and indoors in places like warehouses, greenhouses, animal facilities (stables, veterinary clinics, etc.) wineries, etc. Misting fans cool the ambient air in a particular area by distributing tiny droplets of water into the air that instantly evaporate and cool the air. Misting fans can be portable or installed on a wall, installed on the ceiling, or mounted on a pole.

Misting Fans Efficiently Cool the Air in Many Outdoor & Indoor Applications

When installed in a more permanent application, misting fans can be used with pumps and control units so that they are able to maintain a specific and consistent environmental temperature and humidity level. This enables you to have far superior climate control ability than you wold otherwise have. Misting fans can cover a a large area but the specific coverage depends on the fan. If you need to cover larger areas, you can install multiple misting fans to ensure you have optimal coverage to meet your needs.

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