Restaurant & Bar Misting Systems in Gilbert, AZ

Maximize your customer's comfort while utilizing your outdoor space year round with a restaurant and bar misting system.  The heat in Phoenix can become unbearable at times – but not with the assistance of an outdoor misting system.

Restaurant and Bar Misting Systems

Commercial Plumbing

Restaurant and Bar Misting Systems

A professionally installed outdoor misting system will allow you to spend time in your outdoor space, keep your family, guests, and animals cool and comfortable, and help your plants stay alive.  Our systems are a great finishing touch to those outdoor living spaces giving you comfort even in Arizona summer temps. Easy maintenance and drip proof nozzles paired with 1000 psi pumps leave you cool and dry. When properly installed by our technicians at second opinion plumbing you can expect 20-30 degree drops in temperature in the misted area! The only question we get after our installs is, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Professionally Installed Misting Systems

Our sophisticated misting systems are not just going to spray you down with water and leave you drenched.  Rather, the misting system sprays tiny water droplets into the air that evaporate and actually cool the air in the surrounding area.  The water droplets will evaporate but the air around you will be much more cool and enjoyable.  At Second Opinion Plumbing, our skilled plumbing technicians are experienced in misting system installation and maintenance.  We can custom design your misting system to meet the specific needs of your unique restaurant so that cooling is maximized.

Benefits of Misting Systems

  • Drops temperature as much as 25-30% in AZ summer
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Reduce dust and odors
  • Reduce insects in area


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Experience Matters

Why we stand out from the competition.

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We will beat any big company price guaranteed! Give us a chance to earn your business and experience the Second Opinion difference!

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