Integrated IT SEO September 21, 2021

Enhance Your Atmosphere with Restaurant Misting

People love to dine on a patio and restaurants love it because they are able to host more tables by utilizing an outdoor space. And, with COVID-19, more and more restaurants are taking advantage of outdoor dining to enhance safety for their staff and guests.  Though Arizona has beautiful weather for the majority of the year, there are certainly some months when it is simply too hot to be comfortable dining outside. Unless, of course, if you have a misting system! Restaurant misting systems are a cost-effective, efficient, and effective way to keep your guests more comfortable all year long so that they have the best possible dining experience in your restaurant.

A restaurant bar and misting system is easy for professionals to discreetly install so that it does not detract from your restaurant’s ambiance or look unsightly.  Once installed, a commercial misting system does not just spray your guests and tables with water.  Rather, water is pressurized and distributed into the air in tiny droplets that immediately evaporate, instantly cooling the air on your patio by as much as 20-30 degrees.

Additionally, if you have plants or other foliage or or around your patio, the cooler air and slight increase in humidity will keep your plants happy and looking great all year long! With professional installation and maintenance of your restaurant misting system, you will enhance your restaurants atmosphere, making it more enjoyable to dine outside, stay longer, and come back again and again!

How to install misting systems?

There are a few steps involved in installing misting systems in restaurants. This will ensure an actionable solution to cool the air and improve the overall atmosphere.


First, people to know the essential they need to start the project. They will also need several measurements of the area in which the misting system will be installed. Measure the distance between the primary power source and water source using a measuring tape. Next, get the total distance for the mist line. It will be hang using a set of clamps from the parallel beams. The clamps are spaced between three to five feet. Based on this number, they can also calculate the number of connectors needed to tube the entire distance. Once finished, focus on the weatherization of the system. Cold climates could damage the system. Hence, it is better to install drain valves that can remove the remaining water.

Mist lines

It is essential to install the misting systems at an ideal height. 8’ is suitable for most restaurant environments. Placing the system too high up in the ceiling may create a pleasing effect, but it will not cool the space. Once decided on the height, screw the clamps and measure to reduce the risks of leaks. Steel tubing is recommended for this installation process. People can also use short connector sections to get the precise high-pressure compression. Find the best tubing sections for effective performance.

Pump installation

People must choose pumps compatible with their existing power source. Most misting systems require 1000 psi high-pressure pumps to increase water pressure and atomize water. Such pumps will run at 110 volts. Most importantly, check the electrical load in that source to avoid breaker trips every time the system is turned on. It is wise to call an professional electrician to resolve this issue and provide proper GFCI protection. Another consideration is that the pump should be installed in a flat surface without any exposure to sunlight. This may lead to overheat and other problems. One can also buy aftermarket pump covers to conceal them in the available area.

Power connections

Once the pump is connected to a water and power source, it is time to connect the necessary components. When the pump doesn’t reach the electrical source, one should plan a relocation or opt for extensions. These extensions also reduce any overloads in the main system. Make sure to consider the existing gas lines and power lines before digging any extension pathway. The misting system can get affected by water and dirt residue. It will block the main supply. Hence, run water through the pipes for about 30 seconds to clean the debris from the compression fittings.

Mist nozzles

In most restaurant misting systems, the nozzles are angled differently to produce the desired effect. Higher systems at various heights should be horizontal placed to provide optimal cooling effect. Make sure to replace any nozzles that drip water.