Getting Rid of Hard Water With a Water Softener Plumbing
Brian Brooks August 17, 2022

Getting Rid of Hard Water With a Water Softener

Hard water is damaging to your plumbing, your appliances, your clothes and even your skin. If you struggle with hard water deposits in your home, you might consider looking into water softeners. A water softener can reduce the mineral content in your water to prevent deposits and residual damage, but you need to get the right one.

Have Your Water Tested

Before you choose a water softener, have your water tested to determine what minerals you’re dealing with and in what concentration. That way, you can select a softener that’s sufficient.

Consider Softener Capacity

You also need to consider how much water you use at any one time in your house. Your family’s routine water demand will also determine which water softeners you should consider based on the flow rate and capacity. Make sure you choose a softener that can keep up.

Understand the Maintenance

When you invest in a water softener, you have to maintain the system. For example, an ion exchange softener needs salt added periodically and most systems will also need to be flushed or cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure you know how much care and maintenance your softener will need.

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