How To Properly Unclog a Drain With a Licensed Plumber Plumbing
Brian Brooks October 21, 2022

How To Properly Unclog a Drain With a Licensed Plumber

While you may be tempted to use a chemical drain cleaning option to get rid of that annoying clog or speed up a slow drain, it’s not the best or safest method for maintaining your pipes or your health. You can try a hand-crank snake or sink plunger, but tough clogs might prove impossible to remove, and, more importantly, neither of these options is a long-term solution to the problem.

Professional Drain Cleaning Methods

A trained plumber uses various techniques to attack clogs and grime in drains. One approach, hydro-jetting, cleans the inside of your drainpipe while it destroys any existing clogs. Your plumber inserts a hose with a 360° directional nozzle to blast high-pressure water through the pipe, clearing away any debris that could cause clogs later.

Your plumber might also use a motorized drain auger to power through difficult clogs. Similar to a drain snake (in fact, you’ll hear them referred to as “motorized drain snakes”) are powerful versions of the familiar tool. The long metal coil, operated by a motor, drills down to and breaks up the clog.

For the fastest and longest-lasting drain cleaning services, it’s always best to contact the licensed plumbers at Second Opinion Plumbing for a free estimate. They’ll help you eliminate the debris interfering with your drains’ operation and get everything running smoothly again.