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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality with an Air Filtration System

You may not realize it, but your home’s air quality is incredibly important. Most people just assume that the air inside their home is clean and pure because it is produced by their air conditioner but the reality is – it’s often the exact opposite.  Without proper ventilation and air filtration, your home’s air quality could be dramatically impacting your health, as the EPA reports, “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.” It is important to have your air quality evaluated and/or have a professional install an air filtration system in your home if you are concerned about optimizing your air quality and your health.

One of the biggest ways having an air filtration system installed will impact your health is your breathing.  Whether you have allergies, asthma, or any other health concerns, the quality of your home’s air will heavily influence your ability to breathe easily and comfortably at home. There are different types of air filtration systems to meet your budget and unique needs.

The most efficient way to filter your home’s air is to install an air filtration system directly in your return-air ductwork. This type of filter passively traps particles so that air can pass through with far fewer contaminants. Home air filtration systems remove allergens, smoke, dust, contaminants, and other harmful particles, allowing cleaner air to pass through which will reduce respiratory issues significantly.

How to choose an air filtration system?

Installing air filters is essential to get a clean indoor environment. The pollutants from the outside will lead to many problems like respiratory troubles and allergies. It will also lead to a number of ailments.

Since air purifiers are the best way to clean indoor air, it should choose a filtration system capable of removing pollen and dust. This also helps to maintain a healthy environment by removing pet residues, ragweed, and mold spores. If people have allergies, they should buy machines designed for providing allergy relief. These machines will have more than one filters to remove allergens. Moreover, smoke purifiers can remove fireplace soot and other fumes that impose respiratory conditions. People with chemical sensitivities also get beneficial results with these specifically designed filtration systems.

When people are choosing air filtration systems, they should consider the square footage of their room. These machines can manage symptoms related to allergies and asthma when the household consists of patients. Moreover, evaluate the air change per hour rates to find out how much it can filter considering the entire volume of air in the space. Especially for asthma-sufferers, these systems would provide clean air with four times per hour than other systems. It also thoroughly cleans the air for removing any microscopic allergens collected from the outside. Hence, consider the air changes per hour size to find whole-house models.


After evaluating the type and size of an air filtration system, they should pay attention to any special features. These unique features are vital for ensuring the best energy savings and utility bills. Make sure to visit any store nearby and talk with the salesperson. They can explain the features in details to help customers make an informed decision. For instance, the Energy Star-rated machines can help to save money and conserve energy. Moreover, people want filtration systems with smartphone features. This provides the ease of use to get real-time updates, including alarm indicators, remote controls, filter change indicators, and fan speed controls.

Installation factors

There are many ways to install air filtration systems. People may need purified air in many rooms. If they have to cater for the needs for patients, portable filtration systems are the ideal choice. Moreover, the convenience of investing in additional units in the room should also be considered. Hence, popular choices for air filtration systems must be evaluated. It ensures clean air for every room by working with existing HVAC systems. As a result, this machine can deliver heated air, cooling, and ventilation for the home. Research online to find installation factors and make a choice.


The primary type of maintenance needed with air filtration systems can ensure optimal performance for many years. Consult with professional technicians, depending on the size and type of a machine to find out maintenance needs. If necessary, consider prompt filter replacements for added convenience.