Mesa Leak Locating


How To Locate and Repair Leaks

Water leaks can increase your water bill and cause damages that lead to expensive replacement costs. Common places for leaks are in pipes that run through the walls and under the floors. Knowledge about leak locating in Mesa and who to call to fix the problem is important for preventing future costs and inconveniences.

Identifying the Leak

If you hear running water, smell the musty odor of mold mildew or see discoloration in drywall, you may have a leak. A damp carpet or discoloration in wood flooring are other signs that warn of encroaching water damage. When you suspect there is a leak, check to see if your water bill has recently increased and call an expert to confirm your suspicion. Our experienced employees at Second Opinion Plumbing are familiar with Mesa leak locating and can use tools such as digital sound locators to see if and where you have a leak.

Repairing the Leak

Slab leaks in concrete are characterized by foundation cracks and signs of mold. After leak locating in Mesa, we work with insurance companies to figure out the most cost-effective way to repair the slab leak. The best solution is to reroute a new, non-leaky pipe line with minimal damage to household structures. The other more cost and time extensive option is to push through the concrete and repair the pipe itself.

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