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How To Clean Drains and Prevent Future Clogging

It is easy to forget about cleaning drains until the day comes when the sink does not drain or water flows slowly during dinner preparations. Regular drain cleaning in Tempe is an important way to care for your home and business because it decreases the risk of extreme plumbing problems. Additionally, drain cleaning with Second Opinion Plumbing prevents future clogs and pipe infrastructure damages that may eventually require expensive repairs.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Many households experience similar symptoms that diagnose drain problems. Common signs that indicate Tempe drain cleaning is needed include the following:

  • Slow water drainage in sinks
  • Sewer smells rising out of drains
  • Wastewater backup in pipes
  • Water flowing slowly out of faucets

Methods used to clean drains include snake pipes and high pressure water applications. Our experts at Second Opinion Plumbing use these techniques when household and business drains are not clean.

Video Camera Technology

Advances in technology makes it simple to quickly identify, evaluate and treat drain-related issues. A video camera inspection does not damage plumbing fixtures or walls in the surrounding area. However, it does accurately treat the ultimate source of the problem and thus prevent even more clogs and leaks in the future. Our skilled experts at Second Opinion Plumbing are trained to perform video camera inspections with drain cleaning in Tempe.

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