Brian Brooks March 19, 2018

Regularly Use Your Guest Room’s Sink and Toilet to Avoid Any Plumbing Issues

You work hard to make your home a place where guests feel welcome and at ease. Having a separate guest room and bath can make guests feel like they are on vacation when they visit. If the guest bath has plumbing issues while they are there, though, it could mar the experience for them. The best way to avoid this scenario is by using each plumbing fixture in the bathroom at least once a week.

P-Trap Problems

Your shower, sink and toilet all have a mechanism that uses a water seal to prevent sewer gas from escaping into your home. This is called a p-trap. It is important to keep the traps full so that they function properly. By running water in the sink and shower and by flushing the toilet on a regular basis, you can keep the p-traps full and hopefully avoiding unpleasant sewage aromas.

Hot or Cold

If your shower has a single valve that controls both hot and cold water, you need to run both cold and hot water at least once a week. If these valves are not used often enough, the part that allows you to switch from one temperature to another might get stuck, leaving guests with only very hot or very cold showers.

Maintenance Issues

Another reason to use your guest bathroom frequently is to notice any maintenance issues. If you don’t know a plumbing problem exists because you haven’t entered the room in a month, chances are that it will get bigger before you finally discover it. Regular use allows you to pinpoint leaks and other issues so that your plumber can handle them when they’re small, costing you less money.

Guests Welcome

You want the best for your guests. You want them to feel as if they are in their home away from home. Using your guest bathroom regularly helps to ensure it is consistently functional.