What Is the Difference Between a Licensed Plumber and a Handyman? Plumbing
Brian Brooks November 11, 2022

What Is the Difference Between a Licensed Plumber and a Handyman?

It is essential for property owners to connect with both licensed plumbers and handymen. When maintenance issues arise, they need to be taken care of quickly. However, different jobs require different technicians. Certain jobs may not be suitable for a handyman. Read on for more differences between plumbers and handymen.

Licensed Plumbers Are Certified

Almost all states require certification for plumbers. This ensures that the worker is knowledgeable in their field and can perform the tasks safely. Hiring a certified plumber gives you peace of mind that they really know what they’re doing.

A Handyman Performs a Variety of Jobs

While plumbers work on a very specific aspect of your home, the plumbing system, a handyman works on many different parts of the home. This includes general lawn maintenance, small appliance repairs, and exterior repairs, for example. However, their knowledge tends to be limited when it comes to larger or more complicated issues with plumbing.

Licensed Plumbers Have a Higher Cost

A final major difference is the cost of services. Because of a plumber’s depth of expertise and professional licensure, their cost tends to be higher than that of a handyman. You pay more for peace of mind and a job done right.

A licensed plumber and a handyman are better suited for different jobs. Find a plumber who is best for your home’s needs.