3 Benefits of Residential Fogging Systems MistingPlumbing
Brian Brooks December 8, 2021

3 Benefits of Residential Fogging Systems

If you have ever been to a resort or restaurant where there is a subtle yet beautiful layer of fog weaving its way throughout the landscape or cascading down a water feature, you know just how beautiful and serene it looks. The same effect can be applied to your home landscape with a residential fogging system. Residential fogging systems work in a very similar way to a misting system and are often installed alongside a misting system. A fogging system does not only enhance the beauty of your landscape, it offers various benefits to your backyard landscaping and lifestyle.

3 Benefits of Residential Fogging Systems

● Fogging Systems Humidify & Cool Air

Fogging systems, similar to misting systems, distribute microscopic droplets of water and evaporate in the air which creates fog. The fog actually lowers the temperature of the air which you, your children, your pets, and your landscape will love. And, because it naturally humidities the air, your plants will enjoy a more beneficial environment in which to thrive.

● Fogging Systems Reduce Dust & Allergens

Fogging systems naturally humidify the air and because it is distributed close to the ground it reduces the amount of dust and allergens that get distributed from the ground into the air. This helps your landscape look more beautiful and comes in very handy if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies.

●  Fogging Systems Enhance Landscape Beauty

What could look more beautiful and alluring than a thin layer of fog flowing down a fountain or weaving throughout your landscaping? It not only keeps your landscaping more healthy but truly creates a more beautiful atmosphere in your landscape.