3 Common Reasons For Your Potentially Expensive Water Bill Plumbing
Brian Brooks September 16, 2022

3 Common Reasons For Your Potentially Expensive Water Bill

When you get your mail and open up your water bill, you may feel shocked at the amount you owe. If you notice a sudden jump in what you are paying for water, you could wonder if there is another explanation, such as a water leak.

Different Seasons and Temperatures

When the season changes and the air around your house heats up or cools down, you may naturally use more water for growing plants or taking warm showers. Due to this, your water bill could change several times throughout the year.

Potential Leaks

Struggling with a rising bill and no sign of any other changes? You could have a water leak or hairline crack in your toilet that causes your bill to increase even when you are not actively using water. A steadily dripping faucet can lead to massive amounts of wasted water if it continues to drip while you are out of the house and unaware of a water leak.

Changing Habits

Getting a new houseguest or changing your daily schedule can lead to a surprising amount of differences in how you use water. Whether that means you take more showers or use your washing machine more often, being aware of your habits can help you figure out why your bill is different. Contact Second Opinion Plumbing for more information about what to do after a leak.