Brian Brooks January 2, 2018

3 Reasons to Have Regular Drain Cleaning on Your Pipes

Nobody wants a clogged drain but most people do not give much though to their drains until there is a problem.  Rather than wait for signs of a clog such as slow draining water or water backing up into the sink, have regular cleaning and maintenance on your drain and pipes so that they stay fully functional.  Regular professional drain cleaning and maintenance by a plumber may sound like overkill but it is not.  In fact, while you may be able to clean your drain and eliminate some clogs, some are impossible for you to see.  Professional plumbers have the tools necessary to properly get the job done, including the ability to conduct drain camera inspection for full visibility of plumbing problems, so that the best, most effective cleaning and repair can take place. Below are 3 reasons to be consistent with your drain maintenance.

3 Reasons to Have Regular Drain Cleaning on Your Pipes

1. Gets Rid of Bad Odors

When buildup happens in drains and the pipes connected to them things like dirt, bacteria, water, makeup, food, bodily fluids or other things also buildup and that leads to unpleasant odors.  You can try to run some water down the drain to get rid of those odors but without regular, proper drain cleaning, those odors will persist and only get worse.

2. Reduces Blockages

When blockages happen in drains they usually start small and then begin to grow as more gets trapped in the drain blockage.  When blockages are small they are much easier to clean and get rid of then once they are larger which could lead to big repairs.  Small blockages may not make themselves known right away so the only way to avoid a small blockage turning into a big one is to have consistent cleaning and maintenance conducted on your drains and pipes.

3. It Is Ultimately Less Expensive

Problems with drains and plumbing only get worse when ignored or undetected and that means big repairs and big expenses.  When it comes to plumbing and what you cannot see inside your drain and pipes, ignorance is not bliss and eventually it will lead to big expense. While adding regular cleaning and maintenance for your pipes and drains to the budget may not sound appealing, it is a fraction of the cost of a major plumbing repair that is far more likely without cleaning and maintenance.