3 Signs You Have a Slab Leak That Must Be Fixed Immediately blog
Brian Brooks September 5, 2019

3 Signs You Have a Slab Leak That Must Be Fixed Immediately

A leak in any part of your plumbing can cause big problems, but a slab leak is a recipe for disaster. When a water pipe breaks beneath the foundation of your home, it’s called a slab leak, and can occur in either your sewer line or water supply lines. If it isn’t caught quickly, it can cause incredible damage to your property, including

  • Undermining and cracking your foundation.
  • Ruining flooring and subflooring.
  • Molding and rotting carpet.
  • House shifting and settling
  • Cracks in concrete steps.

If you know the symptoms of a slab leak, you may detect it before it can cause too much damage. Here’s 3 that should be investigated as soon as you see them.

1. Unexplained Sounds of Running Water

If you hear running water that can’t be associated with another cause, that’s likely to be a slab leak. Wet spots around the foundation, on the floor or in carpet is another major sign. Even a spot in the floor that’s always unusually warm could be a sign of a broken hot water line. A water meter with a moving leak dial is a big sign as well.

2. Cracking or Buckling Foundation, Damaged Flooring or Moldy Spots

A hidden leak can destroy flooring and subflooring surprisingly rapidly. Warped flooring, foundation buckling, mold in isolated spots or an overall smell of mold are common signs of a slab leak.

3. A Water Bill That Suddenly Increases or Worsens Over Time

If your water bill is noticeably higher than normal and you don’t know why, you should inspect for other warning signs of a slab leak. Also check all the other plumbing for leaks, since they are usually much easier to deal with than one under the foundation. This is one of the rare times where a leak in a bathroom pipe would actually be good news.

If you see any symptoms of a slab leak or have other reasons to suspect one, contact a good plumber. Ideally, look for one with decades of experience in leak detection and who offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.