3 Ways Regular Drain Cleaning Benefits Your Home blog
Brian Brooks November 20, 2018

3 Ways Regular Drain Cleaning Benefits Your Home

Have you ever stood next to your sink, ready to do the dishes or prep food for dinner, and smelled that smell? You know the one; that musty, slightly rotten odor that seems to be emanating from the drain. Maybe you’re tired of low water pressure causing a drip instead of a spray in your shower. These things occur all too often because people just don’t think about cleaning their drains on a regular basis. The truth is that drain cleaning does more than just eliminate smells, increase water flow and break up clogs. It protects your home and its inhabitants, too.

1. Reduces the Risk of Leaks and Burst Pipes

Clogged drains put extra pressure on pipes. When clogs go untreated, that pressure can cause pipes to leak and even burst. Regular drain cleaning reduces this risk by clearing the debris that causes clogs, which keeps major clogs from forming.

2. Eliminates Potential Health Hazards

Remember that awful smell? The most likely cause is a buildup of food, grease, hair and other materials in your drain. It can attract gnats and other bugs and is a prime location for mold and bacteria growth, which can affect your home’s air quality and lead to breathing problems, congestion and allergy attacks.

3. Extends Life of Plumbing System

Clogs cause increased pressure which puts unnecessary strain on other parts of your plumbing system. Joints, pipes and valves fail more quickly under this pressure and need replacement more often. With regular drain cleaning, this pressure doesn’t occur which means your plumbing system lasts longer and you save money on repairs.

Professional Drain Cleaning

While “home remedies” and store-bought chemicals reduce odors and improve drain flow temporarily, they aren’t a lasting solution to drain problems. To ensure the life of your plumbing, it pays to have drains professionally cleaned at least once a year.