6 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them Plumbing
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6 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

A plumbing system is one of the most important components of a house. It delivers fresh water to the premises and removes wastewater with the help of drainage. When these functions halt, the household is sure to face undesirable consequences.

Plumbing issues are common due to various factors. Fixing these problems is a challenging and time-consuming task that is not suitable for everyone. Most importantly, not every situation will benefit from DIY repairs.

Hence, it is vital to hire experienced plumbers to work on the problems and avoid serious complications.

What are the dangers of plumbing repairs? 

Fixing plumbing issues is a dangerous task. It puts the technician’s life at risk, along with some health complications. Most commonly, natural gas leaks are the major contributor to such problems. Excessive inhalation can lead to life-threatening issues. Another common hazard is temperature and pressure. When a valve is faulty, it will cause the water heater to explode. High-temperature explosions can leave the technicians with burns and scars. In addition to natural gas and temperature changes, sewer gases like methane and carbon dioxide cause poisoning and asphyxiation.

Common plumbing problems & how to avoid them 

1. Clogged drains 

It is easy to spot a clogged drain or toilet. The water will back up instead of draining normally. In some cases, it may even overflow. Clogged drains are caused by small objects that block the pipe. These solid items include small toys, shampoo lids, or even hair. Since these items cannot move through, they may block the water in the pipe. People can use plungers to remove the clog. This simple tool is effective for both toilets and drains, as it creates suction to remove the solid item. Instead of plungers, people may even use plumbing snakes to dislodge blockages.

2. Leaking pipes 

The most common plumbing problem in households is leaking faucets or pipes. Dripping pipes result in the waste of both water and money. Each year 3000 gallons of water are wasted because of leaks. This problem is caused if the seal of the tap is damaged, dislodged, or even stiffened. Once damaged, the washer will not be able to provide a tight seal. As a result, small amounts of the water drip. To fix this issue, individuals should replace broken or deteriorated washers with the help of specialty tools. It is essential to contact a professional if the damage is extensive.

3. Water heater 

Another common plumbing problem is a faulty water heater appliance. People may notice dripping water, discolored water, or abnormal noise from the heater unit. These are the signs of a problem, and people should troubleshoot as soon as possible. Water heater problems are caused by mineral deposits that accumulate over time. This sediment will also cause strange noises regularly. In such cases, drain the tank and flush out the sediment. If the problem still persists, homeowners should call professionals to replace their water heater unit.

4. Low water pressure 

Depending on the cause, low water pressure will occur suddenly and get worse over time. People will find it difficult to take shower or rinse clothes with low water pressure. Therefore, the priority is getting the normal water pressure back. A water main break will affect water pressure and even cause leaks within the home. In such cases, people should check the water meter and check for leaks. If dirt build-up is causing the low pressure, unscrew the ends of faucets and soak them in vinegar overnight to remove the build-up. People can also install a filtration system to avoid mineral build-up in the future.

5. Running toilets 

There are many different types of toilet plumbing problems. But, the most overwhelming problem of all is a running toilet. It wastes water and causes strange sounds frequently. This problem is caused by a damaged flapper valve. Other potential causes include a loose-fill tube or imbalanced floats. In such cases, people should check each component and find the problem quickly. They should adjust the float and check the chain attached to the flapper. Ensure that there are no tangles in the internal tank components. People can buy toilet repair kits are available at home improvement stores.

6. Sewer line problems 

In simple terms, sewer lines take back the wastewater. And any problems in the function will lead to sewer clogs. People should call a professional plumber and clean the lines to remove blockages. In the worst-case scenario, the entire sewer line should be replaced.