Brian Brooks April 16, 2018

Common Summertime Plumbing Problems & Tips for Prevention

When seasonally-related plumbing problems are discussed, it is typically about the winter and freezing pipes, etc.  Most people do not think of plumbing problems that can occur during the summertime for multiple reasons. Below are some common plumbing issues that can arise during the summertime and how to help prevent them.

Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Summertime usually means slightly more flexible schedules, more parties and just more people in your home.  Because of the added entertaining and food preparation, it is a good idea to take extra care of your garbage disposal and be sure you (or someone else) are not putting anything down the drain that should not be.  Only biodegradable items should be put down your garbage disposal but there are still certain items that should be avoided like pasta, bread, egg shells, bones, celery, fruit pits, potato peels, onion skins, pumpkin, and squash.

Clogged Toilets

If your kids are on summer break that means they are probably home a lot more during the day than normal.  And, that means they are using the toilets more than normal.  All that extra wear and tear can quickly lead to clogged toilets.  Be sure to teach your kids the appropriate amount of toilet paper to use each time and make sure they are not flushing things like paper towels or feminine hygiene products down the toilet.

Sprinkler Problems

Running through the sprinklers or playing on a freshly mowed lawn are quintessential components of summertime.  But, those things can also lead to problems with the sprinkler system and, in particular, damage to sprinkler heads.  Kids may accidentally kick or step on a sprinkler head and damage it.  Additionally, when you are mowing the lawn more frequently there is a higher chance you could hit a sprinkler head with the mower and damage it.  When kids are playing or you are mowing the lawn make sure the sprinkler heads are lowered and that you avoid them as much as possible.