Brian Brooks December 9, 2020

Furnace Installation and Repair

It’s the time of year when temperatures start dipping lower and lower.  And, while we all love the changing of seasons, we want to be comfortable in our homes.  During the winter, a furnace is what allows your HVAC system to supply you with warmth in your home.  If your home needs a new furnace or needs a furnace repair, it is best to do so before it gets too cold.

When choosing a furnace to install, some of the most important factors are the size and installation.  If it is not sized correctly or installed incorrectly, your home may not be able to be adequately heated and will certainly not be energy-efficient.  Additionally, an incorrectly installed furnace becomes a fire hazard and is a significant danger to your home and occupants.  The type of furnace that is best for your home will depend on your home size, layout, area in which you live, and personal preferences so choose carefully when selecting a new furnace to have installed.

And, if you have a furnace installed but have noticed it is not working efficiently or effectively, or perhaps not working at all, you may need a repair.  Rather than shiver thru the night, it is important to get your furnace repaired as quickly as possible.  Common types of furnace repairs include dirty or clogged filters, furnace component deterioration, thermostat inaccuracies, an increase in noise or the development of new or strange noises, on/off cycling problems, problems with the fan, or the furnace won’t turn on.  Work with an experienced and reliable HVAC technician who can ensure your furnace is installed and working correctly.