Hire a Pro to Fix These Common Furnace Problems blog
Brian Brooks February 9, 2021

Hire a Pro to Fix These Common Furnace Problems

There are few things more unpleasant than feeling cold and uncomfortable in your own home – a place where you should be able to rest and relax in total comfort. Perhaps you have begun to notice certain rooms in your home do not get as warm as other rooms in your home, your home may be unevenly or inadequately heating your home. Or, if your furnace has suddenly stopped working, you will certainly get cold quick in the winter months. If you are experiencing any of these things, you may have some common furnace problems. Below, we give you a breakdown of common furnace problems you may need to hire an HVAC repair service to fix.

Hire a Pro to Fix These Common Furnace Problems:

Furnace Isn’t Producing Heat

  • If your furnace has stopped producing heat altogether, it may not be irreparably broken, it may simply not be receiving power. Your furnace may not be plugged in or the breaker may be tripped and those are relatively quick and easy fixes.

Furnace is Noisy

  • If your furnace is making a grinding, scraping, or squealing sound you need an experienced HVAC maintenance and repair service to inspect the inner components of your furnace and make any necessary replacements, adjustments, or repairs.

Poor Heat Distribution

  • Furnace filters need to be routinely changed to ensure proper airflow which extends the life of your furnace and allows air to flow freely.
  • You may have a cracked heat exchange, problems with your furnace blow or a broken blower fan belt, problems with your ignition system or pilot light, dirty burners, and many other potential issues.