Brian Brooks May 15, 2020

How to Buy the Right Water Heater

A hot water heater is a staple of a modern home. Choose a new water heater to improve your hot water supply or to replace an outdated heater. Use these features to compare the latest units and find out why you need a professional plumber to replace your unit.

Choose the Right Fuel Type

Water heaters use electricity, propane or natural gas to keep a tank of water hot for your daily use. Electric heaters are the most affordable option, but they aren’t as energy efficient and may not heat water as quickly as a natural gas or propane option.

Both propane and natural gas tanks require ventilation and a higher up-front cost, but they tend to be more energy efficient. These heaters can quickly heat up a large amount of water and lower your utility bills. Compare fuel types and consider whether you wish to switch your existing fuel type or continue to use the same option in your home.

Compare Tank Sizes

Some tanks store as little as five gallons, while large tanks can hold up to 80 gallons. You’ll need a tank with at least 30-40 gallons of capacity for showers and other use, but a large household may need a larger tank. Ask a plumber to work with you to find the ideal tank size that balances energy efficiency and convenience.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Even after choosing a fuel type and tank size there are still a number of choices that can affect the energy efficiency of your tank. Look for EF, or energy factor, ratings on your water heater. Modern water heaters are typically more efficient than older options.

Work With a Professional Installation Team

A professional plumber can assist you with safe installation of your chosen hot water heater. Don’t attempt to install your own tank, as it requires a permit and installation of electrical wiring, water lines and possibly fuel lines and ventilation. Enjoy an energy-efficient tank for all your hot water needs with a licensed plumber in your area.