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Keep Your Cool This Summer With an Outdoor Mister System

During a long hot summer, air conditioning will keep you and your family cool while you’re inside, but what about when you’re outside? Everyone loves the sunshine, but when temperatures shoot up, the heat can make hanging out in the backyard unbearable.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Mister System

An outdoor mister system can cool off your outdoor areas significantly and they’re great for your foliage. Take a look at some of the many benefits of installing a mister system in your yard:

  • Drop the temperature in the misting area by as much as 30 degrees
  • Increase the humidity
  • Clean the air of common contaminants and allergens
  • Provide effective moisture for plants in the area
  • Relieve dry mucous membranes

The Efficiency of an Outdoor Mister System

Mister systems are designed to be virtually invisible and they are highly efficient in multiple ways:


Misting systems are extremely cost-efficient running as little as $30 for the smallest, low-pressure system. Even larger, high-pressure systems rarely exceed the $3,500 range.

Energy Efficient

Low-pressure misting systems attach directly to a faucet and do not require any kind of a pump. They have no negative effect on your electric bill. Moderate-pressure systems will require a pump and electricity. However, as they need only about 60 watts of electricity, they are still more cost-effective to run than a large swamp cooler, and considerably more attractive.

Water Efficient

A misting system can give plants in the area the humidity level they need to thrive and they’ll only use about 30 percent of the water that an irrigation system typically uses. Even should you need to continue utilizing an irrigation system, your plants will require less watering than before.

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