Water Softener Installation in Chandler

Water Softener Installation in Chandler, Arizona

Hard water contains minerals like lime, magnesium, chalk and calcium carbonate. When used in the home, this mineral-dense water can lead to limescale buildup and soap scum rings in showerheads, faucets and bathtubs and leave behind spots and streaks on freshly washed dishes. Hard water also puts extra strain on plumbing fixtures, and especially appliances like dish- and clothes washers and water heaters, leading to reduced performance and high energy bills.

Chandler Water is Much Harder Than Average

The water in the Valley of the Sun is famously hard and contains high concentrations of magnesium, chlorine and calcium. While the Water Quality Association designates water with 7 to 10.5 mineral grains per gallon as hard to very hard, the average for the Phoenix-metro area is around 15 to 25 grains per gallon. That makes water softener installation in Chandler a popular choice for homeowners tired of dealing with stiff, dingy laundry, dry, itchy skin and water that doesn’t lather well or at all.

Preventing Mineral-Related Plumbing Problems

In addition to improving the quality of washing and bathing water, installing a water softener can help to reduce mineral buildup and associated wear and tear on plumbing appliances, maximizing their efficiency and minimizing repair and replacement needs.

Whether you’re looking to install a water softener or need your current equipment serviced or repaired, give the experienced technicians at Second Opinion Plumbing a call today.

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