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Water flows into everyone’s home at varying qualities. Most people are unaware of what quality their water is, and the effects it can have on plumbing fixtures and household appliances. Unwanted minerals and chemicals contribute to hard, poor-quality water that corrodes and causes build-up on pipes. Phoenix water softeners filter some of them such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium and remove them to drastically impact the quality of your water.

Signs of Hard Water

Does it seem to take longer than it should for your water to get hot? Instead of blaming your water heater, hard water could be the cause. All the unnecessary chemicals in your water could make it heat more slowly. Calcium and other minerals in water are also responsible for the spots and stains on your faucets. Sometimes you’ll even notice a buildup around the mouth of your faucets called mineral deposits. Why waste water and time when water softener installation services in Phoenix can help you regulate your water?

The Value of a Water Softener

Eliminating harsh chemicals and minerals from your water with a water softener not only increases the lifespan of your household appliances but also affects you physically. Your water will feel different to the touch and your fabrics will be noticeably softer when you do laundry. These differences should decrease your water usage and save you money on your water bill.

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