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sop-admin February 3, 2023

Don’t Ignore These Common Signs of a Plumbing Leak

plumbing leakEvery homeowner dreads finding a plumbing leak but many leaks go undetected for longer than they should, causing dangerous and costly damage. Some plumbing leaks are very obvious but others are more subtle. Often, homeowners may not notice tell-tale signs of a leak until it is too late and the damage is significant. Professional plumbers not only know the signs to look for, but they also have sophisticated professional tools that can help detect hard-to-find plumbing leaks such as leaks under your home’s slab.

Common Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

A higher-than-normal water bill is one of the most common signs you have an undetected leak. If you see a particularly high water bill or start to see that your water bills are consistently increasing, you may have a leak inside your walls or under your concrete slab. Other common symptoms of a plumbing leak include signs of mold and mildew (small and/or visual), hearing the sound of running water, discolored drywall and/or flooring, wet/spongey feeling carpet, and foundation cracks. When you notice any of these signs, it is important to find the source and repair it as quickly as possible. 

Slab Leak Repair Options

High-quality professional plumbers like Second Opinion Plumbing have special leak detection tools including line locators and digital sound locators. If something like a slab leak is detected, one repair option is demoing a portion of the concrete and patching the pipe, however, this is not an optimal repair because more leaks could develop over time. For an optimal, more long-lasting repair, rerouting a plumbing line is often recommended because it will cause minimal damage to your drywall and your homeowner’s insurance may even cover the costs. If you are concerned you have a plumbing leak, don’t wait! Water damage rapidly grows and can cause costly and dangerous damage – speak to a professional plumber to learn more about leak detection and repair options for your home!