Brian Brooks December 12, 2018

Protect Your Home From Leaks With Phyn Plus Water Monitors

Leaks in your home can cause expensive damage you should do anything to avoid. Since it’s unreasonable to remove all sources of water from your home, you should consider Phyn Plus water monitors. Here are three ways a Phyn Plus system protects your home from leaks.

Daily Diagnostics to Spot Trends

Sometimes a slow leak can result in minor changes in your water pressure. If this happens too slowly, it can be very difficult to notice. However, with the daily alerts from Phyn Plus, you can see if there is a slow decline in your water pressure and investigate it.

Remote Shut-Off to Prevent Damage

If a potential leak develops, Phyn Plus will alert you and you can choose to shut your water off immediately. That way, if there is a leak, you will have prevented further damage. This works even if you are not at home, so you can avoid a scenario where you come home to a flooded basement or worse.

“Eyes” On All of Your Pipes

Since you can’t watch your pipes all the time, Phyn Plus does it for you. The system uses high-definition pressure wave sensing to watch all of your pipes all of the time. The leaks you might notice are usually in a faucet or exposed pipe such as those beneath certain bathroom sinks. Phyn Plus can notice leaks hidden from view before they turn into water marks on your wall, ceiling or floor.

Protect your home from water damage with the Phyn Plus system. Daily diagnostic alerts give you an idea of what your pipes are doing even if the changes are too small for you to normally notice. With the ability to remotely shut off your water, you can prevent leaks even when you are away from home. Finally, with eyes on your pipes at all times, even hard-to-detect leaks can be prevented.