sop-admin October 15, 2018

Re-Piping Your Business Now Can Save You Time & Frustration in the Future

If you own or manage a commercial building you have an important job to maintain the property.  This is important because it provides a good experience for both employees and customers.  If you have slow plumbing, piping leaks, or other major plumbing problems, it may take more than some drain cleaning to get your business plumbing back up and running like it should be.  If you choose to hold off on dealing with problematic commercial plumbing, you could have a major, and very costly, plumbing disaster.

When maintaining your business plumbing, it is ideal to keep your eyes peeled for potential signs you may need to re-pipe your commercial building’s plumbing.  Commercial plumbing undergoes a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis and that can lead to worn pipes far sooner than you might encounter in a residential building.  One of the first signs you may need to re-pipe your business is leaking.  Leaking can lead to damaged walls, damaged property and the development of mold and mildew.  If you notice one leak it may not be a major problem, but it is still important to have it looked at by a plumber.  However, if you start to notice the frequency of leaks increasing, you may need to re-pipe your building.

Another sign that you may need to re-pipe your commercial building is dirty looking water.  If the water appears dirty or rust-colored, it is a sign of pipe damage that you cannot see.  And, nobody wants to drink or use dirty looking water.  If a repair can be made, a plumber will do so.  But, if rust is wearing out your pipes or there are other unforeseen problems, you may need to re-pipe your building.  Keep your eyes peeled for signs of plumbing problems and contact an experienced plumber as soon you notice any to get the repair you need or to determine if you need to re-pipe.