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Tenant Improvement Bathroom Installation

Whether you own or manage one rental property or multiple, you know that a beautiful bathroom can attract more interested tenants as well as higher rent, and a working bathroom is simply a must when someone is occupying your property.  Staying on top of tenant bathroom maintenance and repairs can be time-consuming but neglecting it can be extremely costly which is why you want to install and maintain a tenant bathroom that you can be proud of and that is easy to maintain which is why having a reliable professional plumber is essential!

When it comes to tenant bathrooms, there are a few priorities that every owner or manager should have – functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal. Your tenant bathroom improvements may include new fixture installation, sewer cleaning, sewer repair, clogged or malfunctioning toilets, water pressure problems, drain cleaning, and leak detection. If interested in or considering a bathroom remodel, a professional plumber can evaluate your existing bathroom and, using their experience and knowledge, help you design a bathroom that is both functional and appealing in accordance with today’s standards and preferences.

Having a functional and beautiful bathroom is incredibly important in the world of rental properties.  Tenants expect their living space to be habitable at a minimum, and having a beautiful and efficient bathroom is icing on the cake for both them and you. When your tenant’s bathroom plumbing works correctly and efficiently, you will save money on utilities as well as prevent larger and more costly problems from arising.  Have peace of mind and happy tenants with a beautiful and fully operational tenant bathroom by hiring professional plumbers for your tenant bathroom improvement and maintenance service needs.

What are the steps in bathroom installation?

A bathroom makeover is an easy way to attract more tenants. However, landlords should consider various factors before actually starting this project. First, they should take time to plan out the process and decide on a budget. It is essential to control the expenses, as it should provide positive returns over long term. In that sense, work with a professional to plan out an average total cost for a bathroom installation or renovation. Most landlords may opt for DIY projects. But, they should not settle for this choice without any prior experience or renovation skills. There are many ways to approach a bathroom installation project.

For instance, people should find the best color schemes for this bathroom and plan it ahead in time. Make sure to test the new color in an existing space to avoid any expensive reworks later. Another important consideration is replacing appliances and fixtures. They may opt to install a new sink or replace existing ones. It is vital to consider the project time and budget to make this choice. More importantly, find out the location of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes before doing renovation. Location of these utilities is crucial to avoid expensive repairs and ensure a seamless installation process.


The first step in any bathroom installation is demolishing the existing ones. It gives people the space to work freely. Start by removing old or stained drywalls using pry tools. Make sure to wear safety goggles and other protective gear when working on demolish. One should also arrange for dumpster services to haul the garbage from the site. Dust control is another vital consideration during demolition. Finally, work on the vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, and bathroom cabinets. It is always better to remove the baseboards and have them reinstalled to get the new tile flooring.


Once the demolition process is finished, landlords can start on the installation of their new fixtures. Shower replacements or tub installations should be arranged, along with the current tubs. Moreover, check for signs of rotting woods in the subfloor and have them replaced promptly. Water damage is another sign that floorboards need a new reinstallation. Once the base works are done, one can focus on installing new fixtures for their bathroom. For most parts, this work is best left to professionals. They have the best tools and resources to renovate the bathroom and install new lighting features. It is also essential to replace the power outlets of there are any damages.


After all the works are completed, it is now time to haul the junks with the use of dumpsters. Landlords should understand the local guidelines for removing garbage and should stay compliant with them to avoid any heft penalties.