Brian Brooks February 27, 2019

Shelbeigh Chang

I was having an issue with my water heater yesterday so I called my home warranty and they would not send anyone out to my house until the next business day since it was not a “true emergency”. I have tenants with small children living at the property and needed the water heater fixed asap. A good friend of mine referred me to Second Opinion Plumbing. I called them last night around 7:15pm and was greeted by a warm welcoming voice eager to help me with my water heater issue. I briefly gave him the rundown on what was going on and with no hesitation he asked for my address and said he would be over in 20 minutes. The technician was able to fix my water heater within 15-20 mins of being there. He also took the time to show me what the problem was and explained ways on how I could help this issue from happening again in the future. I was left with excellent service from an outstanding technician who gives pretty solid high fives on the way out the door.

I would HIGHLY recommend Second Opinion Plumbing to everyone in the area with hopes they are able to work with Justin who was the top notch technician who came to my rescue with such short notice. Not only does Justin come with lots of knowledge & great plumbing skills, he also has a VERY IMPRESSIVE beard! I would totally add 5 more stars to this review just in honor of his beard.

Thanks again Second Opinion Plumbing and Justin! I will definitely be using your company from now on.