Things To Look For If You Think You Have A Slab Leak Uncategorized
Brian Brooks June 12, 2018

Things To Look For If You Think You Have A Slab Leak

Every home is built on a foundational concrete slab for structural stability.  If the slab’s structural integrity is compromised, then the structural integrity of the home may be compromised as well.  A slab leak is, unfortunately, a common problem that affects many homeowners.  A slab leak is when there is a leak in the pipes that run underneath the foundation slab of a home.  Because it may be hard to detect a slab leak, they may go unnoticed for a prolonged period of time and lead to major damage.  Fortunately, there are some common warning signs that homeowners can keep an eye out for that point towards a potential slab leak.  Below are 5 signs you may have a slab leak.


1. Sound of Running Water

Believe it or not, you may be able to hear the sound of running water underground even if there is no stream or river nearby.  While it sounds majestic, it is anything but.  It may be loud or it may be very, very subtle but if you can hear the sound of running water you may have an underground water leak and it could be leaking water under your home’s foundation slab.

2. High Water Bill

Have you noticed that you have an abnormally high water bill despite not making any major changes to water usage?  If so, it could be a sign that your pipes are leaking water underground, silently and invisibly wasting water for which you are paying.

3. Wet Flooring

If you step on a spot in your home and find that it feels moist, or notice the flooring in a room is wet it may not be because Sparky had an accident.  It may be because you have a slab leak so bad that it is making its way into your home and causing water damage and potentially mold.

4. Uneven Flooring

If you notice that your flooring is suddenly uneven, a tile has cracked, or flooring has shifted strangely it is probably the sign of a slab leak.  The reason for this is because when water is leaking under your slab it is causing a shift in your foundation that is then shifting your flooring.

5. Low Water Pressure

If you turn your shower, bath, or sink faucet on and it has abnormally low water pressure despite being turned on all the way, it could be that you are leaking a lot of water elsewhere, such as under your foundation slab, and your water supply is not able to provide your faucet with your normal full water pressure.