Transform Your Backyard Into a Summer Oasis Misting
Brian Brooks July 5, 2022

Transform Your Backyard Into a Summer Oasis

Your backyard can be unwelcoming during the hot summer months if you don’t take your comfort into your own hands. Misters are an excellent outdoor addition for keeping cool while you dine on the patio, watch the kids play or host a backyard gathering.

What Is a Misting System?

Misting systems pressurize and spray water into the air. However, this water does not get you wet. The tiny water droplets immediately evaporate, lowering the ambient temperature and humidifying the surrounding air. You, your pets and your plants can enjoy this effect.

What Do Misters Look Like?

You won’t have to worry about a large, unsightly piece of machinery taking up space in your yard. Misting systems are discreet and can be customized to fit any backyard configuration. Nobody will even notice it’s there when it’s not turned on.

What Does That Mean for Your Yard?

Second Opinion Plumbing has an array of options for misting your outdoor space. For your home, you can choose between a full-scale misting system or any amount of energy-efficient misting fans. For those with a green thumb, specialized greenhouse misting systems are also available.

Don’t waste another second hiding indoors this summer. Consult with Second Opinion Plumbing today to find the best misters for your yard.