Why Plumbers Use Sewer Cameras To Detect Leaks Slab Leaks
Brian Brooks September 6, 2022

Why Plumbers Use Sewer Cameras To Detect Leaks

Plumbing leaks can be complex, challenging issues to resolve, especially when you are not sure where the problem is. Many plumbers rely on sewer cameras for plumbing leak detection because of the level of information that these cameras provide. Here are a few of the reasons why sewer cameras are so beneficial for finding leaks in your plumbing system.

Reduces Excavation Needs

Without sewer cameras to identify the location of a leak, plumbing contractors often have to excavate the entire plumbing line to find the problem. This is time-consuming, costly and destructive to the property. Sewer cameras allow plumbing professionals to locate a leak and target the excavation to only the affected area instead of the entire span of the pipes.

Provides Plumbers With a Clear Image of the Damage

Sewer cameras allow your plumber to see what’s actually happening inside your plumbing lines. The images transmitted from the camera provide clear details of any deterioration, blockages and cracks in the lines so that the leaks can be quickly and effectively addressed.

Sewer cameras are less disruptive and more accurate when you’re trying to locate the source of a leak. Visit Second Opinion Plumbing today for more information about sewer line repair and other plumbing services that they can offer for your home.