Brian Brooks April 6, 2020

Why Tune Ups are Important for Maintaining Your AC System

Scheduling regular inspections and tune ups for your AC system is the best way to stay ahead of potential problems. Regular maintenance such as coil cleaning, calibrating the thermostat, examining and replenishing refrigerant levels, and tightening valves are indispensable for keeping your system running at its best. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need to have your AC tuned up on a regular basis.

Improve System Efficiency

Tuning up your AC will improve its overall performance, causing it to run less continuously and use less energy. When you reduce strain on your system by keeping coils clean and refrigerant levels correctly balanced, your system will be able to operate significantly less energy. AC systems frequently make up one of the largest components of your energy use. Cleaning or tuning up your system can appreciably reduce the cost of your monthly electric bill.

Reduce the Likelihood of Needing an Emergency Repair

An emergency AC repair can be inconvenient and costly. It’s better to address small problems before they cause a total system failure that prevents you from using your air conditioning altogether. When systems fail, it’s often during strained use in excessively hot weather. An AC outage in during the hot summer months can make your home seem temporarily uninhabitable, and it can also create health concerns for individuals with chronic medical conditions. Ongoing preventative maintenance is the single best way to protect against a system failure that results in an emergency.

Extend the Life of Your System

An air conditioning system that’s well maintained is going to be able to withstand more use and last longer than a machine that isn’t taken care of. The cost of tuning up your system can greatly outweigh the cost of replacing your system earlier than necessary.