Brian Brooks August 20, 2018

5 Warning Signs That Indicate You Might Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Even the most careful of homeowners may encounter a clogged drain from time to time.  Unfortunately, in certain rooms in the home such as the kitchen or primary bathroom(s), it is just more common than other rooms.  Pipes that see a lot of wear and tear or encounter a lot of food, grease, soap scum, hair, or other debris may have buildup that leads to clogs.  But, there are other pipes that just end up clogged for seemingly no reason.  If you notice any of the 5 warning signs below, you need to contact a professional plumber to evaluate whether or not you need a drain cleaning.

5 Warning Signs That Indicate You Might Need Professional Drain Cleaning

1. Bad Smell

The first sign that something is lingering in your pipes longer than it should is a foul odor.  If you notice a bad smell it could be a sign that either something is stuck in your drain that should have been washed away or there is some sort of bacterial buildup happening that smells bad.  Either way, your drain may need professional cleaning.

2. Slow Drain

Another common first sign of a plumbing problem is a slow drain.  If you notice that when you wash your face or brush your teeth, the water is draining far more slowly than it should, it may mean there is something slowing down the flow of water that needs to be cleaned out.

3. Gurgling Sound

When water runs smoothly through a clean pipe there should be only the sound of flowing water.  If there is buildup or clogs it will disrupt the flow of water which can make the pipes sound like they are gurgling.

4. Frequent Drain Clogs

If it seems like you are constantly cleaning our a clogged drain it may be a sign that you need a professional cleaning.  Even if you are able to seemingly clear the clog and get the drain flowing again, if it repeatedly clogs you are probably not getting it as cleaned out as you think it is and a thorough professional cleaning may be needed.

5. Empty or Overflowing Toilet

Notice that your toilet bowl is empty or overflowing, it probably means there is a clog.  And, similar to drain pipes, if the same toilet frequently clogs it is a sign that the pipes may have buildup or debris caught up in them and a professional cleaning can help clear things out.