Brian Brooks January 16, 2019

Be Ready to Enjoy the Outdoors Again With a Patio Misting System

During summertime, many people want to get outside and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, summers in Arizona can be so extreme that they force you to remain indoors with the air conditioning on blast. The good news for summer lovers is that a patio misting system will allow you to reclaim the joy of the outdoors, even on scorching hot days. Here are three reasons why a misting system will be the best purchase you make this year.

1. Cool Off Immediately

With a professionally-installed home misting system, your outdoor space will become usable once again. The mist droplets provide an average temperature decrease of 20 to 30 degrees, making 100-degree temperatures feel more like moderate 70-degree weather. Not only does this immediate effect mean that you can finally host your Fourth of July party outside, but it is also great for everyday use. Whether you have plants that cannot tolerate the warmth or pets that spend time in the yard, a misting system will help ensure that they are safe and protected from overheating.

2. Repel Allergens and Insects

Misting systems also make your patio more hospitable by warding off insects and allergens such as dust mites and pollen. The tiny water drops trap flying insects and large airborne particles, preventing them from entering the patio area. This makes misting systems an effective and chemical-free way of keeping out bugs and other irritants.

3. Stay Dry

The best part about a misting system is that it will not leave you or your patio furniture soaked. The droplets are so small that they disperse throughout the nearby atmosphere and quickly evaporate, leaving the air refreshingly cooled and you pleasantly dry. Moreover, caring for your system is hassle-free with 1000 psi pumps and drip-proof nozzles that will not make a mess.

Do Not Miss Another Moment of Summer

If the brutal Arizona weather has got you trapped inside, get on the phone with your local plumbing company today. Their professional technicians will happily get you set up with a new outdoor misting system so that you and your family can bask in the fresh air without enduring the blistering heat.