Beat the Heat and Enjoy Your Yard With a Patio Mister System blog
Brian Brooks June 7, 2022

Beat the Heat and Enjoy Your Yard With a Patio Mister System

It’s hard to sit in the yard with family and friends when record-breaking temperatures push you back inside. However, before you give up on all your outdoor activities, consider installing misters to help cool down your patio area. A professionally installed misting system can provide the relief you need so you can stay outside and enjoy your backyard patio.

The Benefits

Don’t worry. You won’t get drenched with water every few minutes. Misting systems are designed to spray small amounts of water into the air, which results in cooler temperatures in the areas around them. Also, if you have plants nearby, they will enjoy the increased humidity that misters provide. Whether your patio is big or small, at Second Opinion Plumbing, we can design a misting system that fits your space and your needs.

The Process  

Misters cool your patio area by spraying pressurized water in the form of tiny droplets that evaporate when they hit the air. As they do this, the air begins to cool, and you will feel a difference as the temperature on your patio begins to drop. This results in a temperature decrease of 20-30 degrees. Then you can reclaim your patio and get back to entertaining, relaxing and having fun!

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