Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles for a Reverse Osmosis System blog
Brian Brooks May 3, 2019

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles for a Reverse Osmosis System

Many households consume several water bottles or more daily because tap water can contain harmful contaminants. This means people not only spend money on water bottles but also create waste by throwing away the empty plastic bottles. Installing a reverse osmosis system can solve both these problems and more.

Drink Healthier Water

People tend to shy away from drinking tap water because it is typically unfiltered. The thought of pesticides, dirt or other bacteria in drinking water can be unsettling. A reverse osmosis system uses the same filtration process as companies that bottle water, just on a smaller scale practical for home use. This type of filtration system allows you to drink tap water without fear of ingesting unwanted chemicals, minerals and other harmful contaminants. Filtered water also tends to taste better than tap water, helping you want to drink more.

Create Less Waste

Using a reverse osmosis system eliminates the need to purchase plastic water bottles for home use. Not only will this help you keep more money in your pocket by crossing water bottles off your grocery list, but also reduce the amount of plastic thrown away each day. Who doesn’t enjoy being more eco-friendly?

Low Maintenance

Unlike filters in pitchers, a reverse osmosis system doesn’t take up valuable space in your refrigerator. It also provides water whenever you need it without having to fill up a pitcher and wait for the water to filter through and get cold. You can throw a party and not worry about having to fill up a water filter pitcher every few minutes. They system itself is relatively small and doesn’t require much upkeep on your part.

Give your household healthy, tasty water and help keep plastic water bottles out of landfills at the same time. Save money when you stop buying plastic water bottles. Install a reverse osmosis system in your home for a difference everyone will appreciate.