Brian Brooks June 11, 2021

Have You Had Your A/C Tune Up Service Lately?

As we enter into the warmest season of the year in Arizona, we also enter into the season of having our A/C units truly put to the test.  The last thing you want is to have your A/C suddenly stop working on a hot summer day.  Everything needs routine maintenance in order to run properly and efficiently and you A/C unit is no exception. Air conditioners are expensive necessities which is why it is so important to conduct preventive maintenance which will help you avoid problems and emend the life of your home’s A/C unit.

Your comprehensive A/C tuneup should be through and include diagnostics which will help improve the performance of your HVAC system.  An ideal A/C tuneup should include a visual inspection of all A/C system components, replacing filters, inspection of indoor ducts, inspection of fuses and circuits, inspection of electrical connections, lubrication of all moving parts, inspection of drain lines, a check of your outdoor system components (fan blade, coils, motor, compressor, blower wheel, wiring, and more), and a test of both the heat exchange and thermostat to ensure proper functionality.  Hire a trustworthy and experienced professional to complete your routine A/C tune up service and keep your A/C running smoothly all year long.