Brian Brooks December 30, 2020

How Ductless Air Conditioners Work

For the most part, air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial properties have always utilized ducts to distribute air throughout the entire building from one or more HVAC units. When people hear the term “ductless air conditioning” they often assume it is an old clunky evaporative cooler or window fan. But, modern ductless air conditioners are a sophisticated and effective option that may be ideal for your application.

HGTV explains just how ductless air conditioners work, “Simply defined, ductless air conditioning systems (also known as mini-splits) link individual room units to an outdoor compressor. The indoor unit contains evaporator coils cooled with refrigerant. Warm air from the room blows over and is absorbed by the coils. From there, the refrigerant transfers all that inside heat to the outdoor unit. Instead of a central indoor unit connected by long lengths of ductwork transporting warm and cool air back and forth, a mini-split system places small units directly in each room, which pull in warm air and send it back out as cold air.”

These modern and stylish units are discreetly attached to the wall for a versatile, convenient, scalable air conditioning solution. Additionally, because they do not use ducts, the installation is not intrusive which makes them great for business because operations will not be interrupted by construction. They are also an affordable option that is energy-efficient which means they can save you significant money depending on the size of your project. Consider a ductless air conditioner when determining your HVAC needs for your next residential or commercial application.