Improve the quality of Your Drinking Water With an RO System blog
Brian Brooks November 26, 2022

Improve the quality of Your Drinking Water With an RO System

Enjoying pure, delicious drinking water from your home faucets is a luxury but not necessarily a guarantee. One way people use to ensure safe drinking water from home is through an RO system. RO is another way to say reverse osmosis. This is a process in which water is demineralized or deionized when it is pushed under pressure through a semipermeable osmosis membrane. RO systems are a common and effective way of cleansing water of harmful elements.

What Do RO Systems Do?

Reverse osmosis systems work to transform ordinary tap water into the purest water possible by removing chemicals, minerals, impurities and other unwanted contaminants. The semipermeable membrane filters out and flushes away the bad elements, leaving only pure, potable water.

What Are the Benefits of RO Systems?

RO systems come with many benefits. They filter nearly all harmful contaminants, including lead, asbestos and more than 80 other additional contaminants. These systems eliminate the need to boil water when you can’t trust the source.

By investing in an RO system, the environment benefits because plastic can be eschewed in favor of personal travel containers. With a reverse osmosis system, there is no need to buy any kind of bottled water because you’ll likely match or exceed its purity with your home system.

The lack of minerals can also be seen as an advantage of reverse osmosis water. Chefs insist that it makes cooking taste better because of the absence of chemicals, most notably fluoride. Fish owners and aquarium enthusiasts appreciate this water to give their pets the purest water.

Who Invests in RO Systems?

Many cities and towns employ reverse osmosis for municipal water and in many places in America the water is safe to drink. More and more homeowners are investing in RO systems to ensure the ultimate in water purification. Contact us at Second Opinion Plumbing today to learn more about reverse osmosis systems or to schedule a free in-home estimate.