Brian Brooks July 28, 2020

The 3 Benefits of an Outdoor Misting System

Arizona summers are absolutely gorgeous, but the heat is enough to make you stay inside. While a refreshing soak in a pool is often just what the doctor ordered, not everyone has the benefit of hydro-oasis. When you have no room or no money to install a pool, consider the next best thing, a full-scale misting system. You won’t be disappointed. There are at least three benefits to installing such a system at your house.

1. Cooler Temperature

The primary reason to install a misting system is to reduce the outside temperature, allowing you to sit and enjoy your yard and landscaping. A misting system is often capable of cooling a space by at least 10 degrees or better, depending on the temperature of the water.

2. Fewer Pests

Anyone who has ever been outside in Arizona knows that mosquitos and other flying pests are quite a nuisance. Installing a misting system is an excellent way to limit the pests in your yard. The water essentially acts as a protective layer around your home, ensuring you can spend hours enjoying the backyard life with your family and friends.

3. Fresh Air

Do you suffer from allergies, or does your yard often get dust blowing in from the surrounding desert? A misting system can significantly reduce your exposure to pollen, and it can clean the dust from the air. Using a misting system regularly when you are outside, helps to provide fresh, debris-free air.

Arizona is known for hot, dry weather, and the summer proves this point like no other time of year. If you want to enjoy your outdoors this summer, cooler, pest-free and breathing easy, consider installing a misting system. While you can enjoy the A/C while you’re indoors, the only way to cool down the outside is with a subtle mist of cold and refreshing water. Don’t waste away your summer on the couch, get a misting system and go outside.