Brian Brooks March 6, 2019

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your Arizona Home

Arizona is known for having hard water, which means that the mineral content in Arizona’s public water is high. While there are benefits to having high mineral content, for many of your daily activities the hard water causes problems. A water softener is a simple way to reduce the mineral content of your water, which can have many positive effects.

Softer Water Is Better for Your Pipes

The biggest drawback to having hard water running through your plumbing is the damage it does in the long term to your pipes. The higher the mineral content in your water the more likely you are to have to deal with the negative consequences of mineral buildup in the pipes. This can lead to a variety of problems including clogs and burst pipes which can be costly to replace.

Your Clothes Will Thank You, Too

Another area where hard water causes more problems is in the wash. Softer water produces better suds which leads to the soap being easier to wash away. When you clean your clothes in softer water you will find that they come out looking better and feeling softer.

Showers Are More Enjoyable

Just as your clothes will thank you for washing with softer water, so too will your skin. Although you may not directly feel the effects of hard water on your skin every day now, after you have installed a water softener you will notice the difference when you begin showering and washing your hands with softer water.

Although installing a water softener presents you with a short term expense it is one worth making. In addition to the long term savings from the improved health of your plumbing the improvements you will notice from feeling better after every shower or when you get dressed in the morning will lead to an invaluable improvement in your daily happiness.