Brian Brooks October 29, 2019

The Benefits of Preventative Commercial Sewer System Care

Preventative maintenance is essential for a functional sewer system. Without regular inspections or drain clearing, a backup could expose building materials and contents to contaminated water. Here are several benefits to scheduling preventative care for a commercial sewer.

Identifying Blockages Prior To Backups 

A plumber can identify the presence of blockages before a sewer line backs up. The most common blockages include intrusive tree roots, built-up grease, food waste and foreign objects. Sewer lines at most commercial properties should be cleared every 18 to 22 months, particularly if a business serves food or has high usage. A plumbing professional can also check the condition of the line and determine whether replacement is necessary.

Addressing Buildup and Disposal Issues

Sewer lines connected to food-service establishments are more likely to become blocked. When fats, oils and grease or food that contains these ingredients is disposed of down the drain, these elements solidify and begin to accumulate inside drain and sewer lines. Using a grease trap or interceptor can reduce the amount of buildup in sewer lines. It is also important to properly dispose of as much of these substances as possible prior to washing pans, pots and tableware.

Monitoring the Condition of Sewer Lines

The condition of sewer lines can degrade over time. A consistent preventative care routine involves monitoring changes in the status of lines, which can help commercial property owners plan for replacement before lines start to crack or collapse. In addition to identifying the need for replacement, a plumber can also complete this task before the problem becomes severe.

Commercial sewer systems that become completely blocked usually cause backups. Building materials and contents exposed to contaminated water may require cleaning and disinfection or replacement. These measures are costly and may interrupt regular operation. Regular maintenance can save a lot of money and time when compared to emergency sewer services.