What to Do About a Sewer System Backup blog
Brian Brooks February 11, 2022

What to Do About a Sewer System Backup

Sewer backup in your commercial property can cause significant damage to your business or delays in serving clients. The first signs of a sewer backup are usually slow draining sinks or gurgling toilets. The sewage can then come back up through your plumbing and into the commercial property. If not treated quickly and correctly this can cause significant damage.

Sewer backup occurs during heavy rainfall when an excess amount of water flows into the city’s main sewer. Backups can also be caused by blockages in your main sewer line. This is the main line that connects to the city sewer and disposes all of the wastewater from your business into the sewer.

Tree roots can also break into the main sewer line and cause blockages. Chemical treatment can be used to help resolve root issues. Our team of experts can diagnose what the problem is quickly and provide service to resolve the issue. We can locate and televise sewer lines to correctly see the problem, or to detect future problems.

Preventative care includes sewer and drain rodding to open blocked lines and restore water flow to your business. Sewer rodding is a procedure used by professional plumbers to remove stubborn clogs and other water flow issues. Sewer rodding works by guiding flexible rods through pipes to force out drain blockage. This is more effective than a drain snake and is the proper solution for main drain blockages.

If all else fails, we can certainly provide dig ups and repair services. Sometimes sewer issues require digging up the existing sewer line and repairing or replacing it. Sewer backups can be a major headache, but we are here to help you quickly and easily take care of the issue.